Welcome To Steve's Html Tutorial        
Hello Everyone, And Thank You For Visiting. This Is A Simple Webpage, To Teach You The Bare Basics Of The "HTML" Language. In These Three Easy Units I Will Cover:
  • Manipulating Text
  • Manipulating Images
  • Aligning Text With Images
  • This Is All You Need To Know, Plus More, To Design A Basic Webpage. Through Out Future
    Units I Will Show You More Advanced HTML. You Will Be A Pro. Before You Know It. Trust Me.
    For Now I Will Keep It Simple, No Need To Overwhelm You, With All OF This Confusing HTML

    So, Lets Get Started Shall We? You Can Start By Clicking The "Unit 1" Link, Below. I
    Suggested Doing Them In Order, If You're A Newbie. If You Don't Know What A Newbie Is,
    Then You Should Definitly Follow The Steps, Without Trying To Skip Ahead.

    Remember, If You Have Any Question You Can Click On The Link At The Top Of
    This Page, To Leave Your Comments. It Says "Click Here To Leave Your Comments". Just Leave
    Your Name And Email Address, I Will Get Back To You With An Hour. That's It, Have Fun.